Monday, June 11, 2012

Kate's Pajama's and Pancakes Party

Now that Kate is four she had a lot of help in the planning of her birthday party. Thankfully she had a cute idea :-) The brainstorming for this years party began when Kate announced to me that she wanted a pajama party like Ruby from the cartoon Max and Ruby. There was no way I would throw a real slumber party with a bunch of four year old girls so we turned her idea into a morning party with pajama's and pancakes. From there we came up with a Night Owl theme to decorate and voila the party took off!

It was so much fun this year!

The invitations

The playroom all set up for the little girls

The tent with lights

 Pin the hat on the owl

 Owl pillows for each of her friends

 Mimi made her owl nightgown (Kate wanted a dress of course)

 The food table set to look like a bed

 Drink table

 The girls sat on pillows instead of chairs

 and we did "slumber party" activities: froot loop necklaces..

 and I read them "If you give a pig a pancake"

 The pancake topping bar

The party was a "hoot" and we all still had our jammies on for a family nap :-)

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